Full Charge Bookkeeping

For the Beginner, Intermediate 
& Advanced Bookkeeper !

Vocational Training

Attention Adult Continuing Education & Vocational Teachers:

>Our one semester course is designed to be taught 2 or 3 days per week, for 45 minutes - 1 hour per day.

>The course was written with the high school graduate in mind!

>Any and all new terminology is defined in both a full glossary, and within the body of the textbook.

>Cost is exceptionally low, at a textbook price of $18.75.

>Certification Exam is the goal of the course.

>Teacher's Edition includes: 

  (1) Teacher's Daily Lesson Plan Outline: with each bullet point covering the material in one paragraph.

  (2) Test bank with Questions & Answers: provided for each chapter!


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  Cell: 352.638.4892

​  Toll Free: 855.732.3776

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