Full Charge Bookkeeping

For the Beginner, Intermediate 
& Advanced Bookkeeper !

For the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bookkeeper  

"It's really a very good book."
Full-Charge Bookkeeper


"It's good…, right-on and good."
-G.H., CPA & Controller




"It's fabulous (and I've taken a bookkeeping course)."
-C.D., A Former Bookkeeper

"Wow.  I'm impressed with the organization of it.
It's very well put together. I can't say enough."
-R.N., Albuquerque,



"It’s excellent! ..It seems
to be quite thorough,
which indicates
a lot of hard work on your part, GOOD JOB!"
Orlando, FL


"Hello, I recently got your full charge bookkeeping
book and
I LOVE it.
hanks for making a
great guide that's easy
to follow
for even the most entry level bookkeeper."
Owner of a Bookkeeping Business


“I really like
your course..
it is such a
clear and  straightforward guide on
everyday bookkeeping tasks..I think
it's a VERY detailed guide
for a beginner
to intermediate bookkeeper,
I haven't
finished reading the whole course, but I am already satisfied with it. I think I got 100% what I wanted for the money I paid -
I wanted to
know actual office procedures
rather than accounting theory since I took some accounting courses in
college. Because these procedures are what you gonna see on the job not the theory :)”
-V.V., Home Study Course Edition Customer

"You've done such a great
job giving the step-by-step and providing practical pointers that people would want to have…  Very nice
work overall!"

Book or  Home Study Course Edition
Written by a Nationally Published CPA, 
With Extensive Bookkeeping, Corporate, 
Public & Gov. Accounting Experience!

_    _

This Premier "How To" Book On Bookkeeping: 

*Covers All Bookkeeping Tasks, Including:
>Accounts Payable (A/P); 
>Accounts Receivable (A/R);
>Payroll Taxes;
>Monthly reports/ F
inancial Statements;
>Commissions & Bonuses;
>Petty Cash;
>Fixed Assets;
>Year-End Items, and more!
*Covers all Topics, like: General Ledger, Debits & Credits, Industry specifics, Accounting Basics.. 
 >New Terminology: any and all new terms are defined right there in the body of the text, so you don't have to go searching for it, as well as in a full Glossary!
>Full-Charge Bookkeeper: defined - every small business should have a FCB, who would perform all of the bookkeeping task, except for Corporate Taxes; additionally, many medium-sized businesses make use of a FCB, who would report directly to Accounting Management, and perhaps have a clerk or two reporting to the FCB (like a Payables clerk).
Also Includes:
>Forms, like sample Financial Statements..
>New Job Checklist & Master Calendar
And much, much more !

Look Inside - Table of Contents
Full-Charge Bookkeeping
127 Pages, 8.5" x 11"
  12 Chapters, 8 Appendices

Full Charge Bookkeeping
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Trade Soft Cover $16.75 - HERE
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
1st Page of Study Outline
1st Page of Test Bank

>One semester course (3 hours/week, 14 weeks)

>Complete with:
*Study Outline,
*Daily/Weekly Schedule (or study plan) & 
*Practice Q&A, by chapter (in the Test Bank).
FCB - Home Study Course Edition (HSCE)
= Book + 45 Pages of Study Outlines + 20 Page Test Bank
= 195 Pages: 12 Chapters, 8 Appendices + Study Outline + Test Bank

Full Charge Bookkeeping
Kindle eBook: $7.95 - HERE
Trade Soft Cover: $16.75 - HERE
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Kindle eHSCE:  $8.95 - HERE
Trade Soft Cover-HSCE:  $20.75 - HERE

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Full Charge Bookkeeping
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